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Custom Stained Glass

Your Design - Whatever You Want

I do custom pieces all the time. If you come up with a design OR you can describe what you want (size, colors and basic concept) I am happy to do a custom piece for you.
You can see an example of my methodology with custom pieces.

Stained Glass Prices
If you visit the galleries you will see various pieces with sizes and prices. You can purchase almost any piece you see on my site OR contract with me to make the piece you want. Prices can vary: cheaper glass or smaller sizes can lower the price.

I like using opaque glass which can be difficult to capture well in a photo. Please either call me or fill out the contact form identifying the piece you want and we can discuss size, glass, etc.

Stained Glass Transoms
I have done transoms - a stained glass transom can be installed behind the existing glass so you do not lose insulation value, yet the stained glass will stand out. I can do odd-shaped pieces that could cover a round or odd window over a bathtub or sauna...or a window in your breakfast area.

The most common custom pieces are just special designs made to hang in a specific window. Let me know what you want and I will try to make you happy.

Reclaimed Broken China

A great way to reclaim a broken plate in your grandmother's china collection is to have a stained glass piece created around it. Don't throw that broken collector plate away or let it just sit in a box somewhere? You can have that collector's item or family heirloom made into something very special. I will create a stained glass piece that matches the plate design. See my Reclaimed Broken China Gallery to get an idea of what you could do.

Some plates can be seamed together, but some must have glass beads, void space or 3D elements needed to fill spaces where breakage is too much to piece together. It usually comes out really nice.

Prices depend on how large the plate is, the size of the additional stained glass you would like, and the quality of the glass.


This piece is based on a design depicting
the Guam flag within a sea turtle.


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      In Living Color is a stained glass business owned and operated by Heather Baker, a stained glass artist for over 30 years. Heather specializes in making window hanging stained glass art. She loves animals and nature, but her unique style of stained glass art includes using 3D elements, opaque glass and incorporating glass around broken china plates, restoring their intrinsic value.